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Hi, I'm Carol, the soul of CAROL SPORT, CAROL SKATE WEAR !!


I have always been linked to the textile world. I was born surrounded by sewing machines, scissors, fabrics, needles, ribbons, borders, ... and all this led me to direct my studies towards fashion design and pattern design.


It was not until the end of 2001, when Cristina, my youngest daughter, began to skate, that I made the leap from fashion design to the world of figure skating, later including sports in general and everything related to clothes with Lycra.


At the end of 2012 comes our flagship product which we now have the EXCLUSIVE IN SPAIN and is our Thermolite® fabric with which we make jackets, leggings and buf (thermal briefs). Also in that same year we incorporate the clothing for schools (tracksuit, polo , shorts, dressing gowns ...).


Since then we have had the satisfaction of dressing great world-class skaters such as Grace Tara Davies and renowned people in the world of sports such as swimmer Mireia Belmonte and singer Gisela (OT).


At present we have a team of dedicated professionals and lovers of work well done; but for me the best incorporation since two years ago is my partner Lluis Costa who has helped to make a substantial change to our company and a great support in the coordination of all the changes we are making.