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CAROL SPORT guarantees that all its products offered on its website are new and have not been used by third parties.

The warranty of the products will be 1 month from the date of purchase. Products will not be under warranty for defects or defects due to improper use or the wear and tear caused by their use.




         If you wish to place an order you must use the order process of our website.
         Children under 16 can not make purchases in our online store. If you are under 16 and want to buy merchandise in our online store, you should ask your father or mother or guardian to make the purchase on your behalf.
         Orders are subject to our acceptance and we can refuse to accept your order in the following cases:
           When there is an error in our website in relation to the merchandise you have ordered, for example an error with the price or description of the merchandise displayed on our website
           When the orders can not be processed due to an error in the information that you have provided to us. For example: expiry date or security number of the wrong card, incorrect or incomplete address



         That a merchandise appears on our website does not imply or guarantee that it is available at the time of purchase.
         We will have the right at any time to modify the information about the merchandise displayed on our website. For example, information about prices, description or availability of the merchandise. However, we will not change the price, availability or description or of any merchandise once we have accepted an order to deliver the merchandise to you.



You can receive it at the address you indicate in the shipping information (address, work, ..)





Yes, we ship to the whole world.

The fastest way is to contact us by info@carolsport.com and tell us the material you need and where we should send it. With these data we can calculate the price of the shipping costs.




         Peninsula (Spain and Portugal)
For shipments over 50 Euros, postage will be borne by CAROL SPORT. In this case, shipments will be made through NACEX.

Shipments less than 50 Euros will have a surcharge of 4.48 € (VAT INCLUDED) of shipping costs.

According to the time of reception of the order, the delivery time of the same will vary, being this from 24 to 48 hours

Shippings are done from Monday through Friday.

                Balearic Islands: for the Balearic Islands all orders have a surcharge of € 17.10 (VAT INCLUDED) of shipping costs.
• Canary Islands: the shipment can take between 3 days and 1 week. In this case the shipping and customs fees will be paid by the customer, whatever the total amount of the order

• International: depends on the destination. They should contact us through our mail info@carolsport.com to know the shipping costs.